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Water Resources Department Subsidy for Rainwater Harvesting in Goa.


While the water resources department (WRD) has initiated subsidy schemes for rainwater harvesting, storing and usage in Goa, the locations for these will be identified in a phased manner. The above initiatives are expected to augment the availability of ground water which can be judiciously used for various purposes.

According to details furnished by the water resources department, various methods of water harvesting have been implemented in Goa. These include open bandharas structures, check dams, percolation stand or recharge pits, roof top rainwater harvestingst and other site specific measures.

Rain water harvesting and recharging ground water projects have been executed at Verna and Kundaim industrial estates. For example, at Verna industrial estate, three locations consisting of stilling basis with infiltration shallow bore holes; two check dams and one recharge pit have been constructed. Two check dams are constructed at Kundaim industrial estate.

Many industries have constructed rain water harvesting structures to conserve water during monsoons. Recharging through existing service borewells, stilling basins and infiltration bore wells, ground water recharge shaft are some of the recharge structures executed by industries through their own funds.

In a bid to implement rainwater harvesting on a larger scale in Goa, the government has also issued a notification of government policy on roof top rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting for ground water recharging is being considered on site specific needs. The schemes of construction of percolation tanks for prolonged recharge beyond monsoon will be identified and implemented as per techno-economic considerations.

Importantly, the government has also made rainwater harvesting mandatory for new residential complexes including apartments on a plot of 2000 sq m and above, commercial complex on plot of 1,500 sq m and above and industrial units on areas of 10,000 sq m and above. Rainwater harvesting and recharging ground water is made mandatory for the new industries and industries going for expansion by the government.


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